Benefits Of Online Chess Classes

You are at the right place! Online chess classes has been popular since the covid lockdown, but did you know? Online chess classes existed even before covid period. If you are confused whether online chess classes are effective? Don’t you worry, online learning is much as effective as offline training.

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Chess is a timeless game that has captured the hearts and minds of people for centuries. It’s a game of strategy, logic, and critical thinking that requires players to make calculate and outsmart their opponents. Chess can be learned from the comfort of your home at any age with just a laptop! Legacy Chess Club Provides Top-Notch Training to Students who are interested in the beautiful game of chess.

Online Chess Class Benefits

1.Convenience & Flexibility

Math and science aren’t the only things kids are learning online these days. With the exception of outdoor sports, almost all interesting activities for children can be learned more efficiently through online learning. No need to travel every time and get the flexibility you wanted always!

Chess for children is similar. If your child wants to learn chess effectively, all they need is a device, a stable internet connection and an experienced chess coach. Gone are the days when you had to do your best to find the right trainer for your child near your location.

If you are lucky enough to find one, you will have to travel to the class everytime and isn’t that exhausting?

Online chess makes it easier to learn from sitting at your couch at home and just grasping all the knowledge

Online chess for kids is a smarter, less expensive & more convenient option that makes life easier for you, your kids, your coach, and everyone else.

2.Learn chess from the best!

Finding a qualified chess coach in person is rare. The best coaches are teaching chess online to kids around the world. Unlike regular coaches, professional coaches enjoy their work and strive to improve their child’s game of chess.

These are dedicated coaches who are not only good at chess, but also very good at one of the most difficult tasks: keeping children’s attention.

In this regard, the promise of finding a qualified trainer is an understatement. Indeed, you will find plenty of qualified chess coaches with LCC.

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Potentially lower costs compared to in-person classes or private coaching makes online chess classes a preferred option. Also no additional expenses for travel or accommodation is a big plus

While your child is learning advanced chess lessons online you can continue to do your daily work without worrying about travelling back to pick and drop your child to the class which saves time and money. Online chess class is always much more affordable than offline chess classes.


Once you reach a certain level, the number of players you can play against will also be exhausted and how fun could a game be that is no longer a challenge? Online chess never disappoints, as you will always find advanced players to play against your child as well as you can play other students of the class which is an added advantage!

By playing online chess against stronger opponents, your child can improve significantly and even become a ranked chess player.

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5.Online chess class friends

Learning chess is really fun for kids when they are in contact with kids who love chess like you. But learning and playing chess is not the only benefit of joining an online chess community.

Children share stories, incidents, happenings, chess books, chess movies and other fun things. Therefore, online chess for kids is also a great source of information that traditional chess learning may not provide.


What equipment do I need for an online chess class?

A computer or laptop with a stable internet connection

How are online chess classes conducted?

Zoom platform is used for online classes

Are online chess classes interactive?

Yes, most online chess classes encourage interaction between participants and instructors. This can involve live discussions, Q&A sessions, group activities, and even friendly games among classmates. The interactive nature of the classes enhances the learning experience and allows for questions, clarification, and individualized attention.

Do I need any prior experience to join an online chess class?

No, online chess classes cater to all skill levels, from beginners to advanced players. Some classes specifically target beginners and teach the basics, while others focus on advanced strategies and techniques. It’s important to choose a class that aligns with your current skill level.

Is online chess class worth it?

Online chess lessons are a great way to learn chess if you are looking for flexibility, affordability, and variety

Does online chess increase Intelligence ? (IQ)

It is somewhat true that the more intelligent kids tend to gravitate towards chess. But even some kids who are later exposed to chess have a sharp increase in their IQ, Imagination prowess, Analytical skills, logical reasoning and much more

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